Monday, January 23, 2012

Fiesta Time!

The table was set and all the decorations were up for about 14 people to come and party with us on Friday.

See...every once in awhile the inkling to do something random comes to me. This time, I wanted to make a pepper pinata. Well, I can't just make a pinata for no reason so we decided to throw a little fiesta. We were going to all dress up, have a taco bar, eat fried ice cream and play mexican music of course.
But then.....

A huge storm came. It started snowing at about 10:00am and would not stop. Our school cancelled all after school clubs and everyone was told to go home early. Despite leaving early, it still took me almost 3 hours to get home! Apparently they reroute all the buses so I waited with about 30 other people for a bus that never came. I jumped on the next bus I saw to save my feet from falling off and we crawled from stop to stop until Superman Mike came and rescued me with the car. The storm was so bad, we had to postpone our party. This picture is of Lake Michigan the next day. Doesn't even look like a lake!

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