Saturday, December 10, 2011

Night out on the town

We had a blast tonight with some of our friends and I wish I was better at taking pictures!
We went to Old Town downtown. It was a very chilly night but there was a lot to do on this street.

We went to the spice house with some of the best spices I have ever smelt! They were amazing and they were cheaper than a grocery store too! It was so fun to smell spices like the Chicago Deep Dish Spice or the Lake Shore Drive Spice. Loved it!
Right next door was the oil shop where you can taste different oils and vinegars. Sounds a little strange but how amazing would raspberry vinegar be on a salad??
We went out to a bbq dinner, went to get some fudge for dessert and headed to the zoo to see the lights which were (don't judge me for saying so but) perhaps a little better than temple lights on temple square.

It was a very fun night and hopefully we will have something fun to show for next week! (I put Mike in charge of thinking something good)

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