Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Orchard

You may not know this-but it is actually national apple picking month! Exciting right?
So to celebrate Mike and I woke up early today and went to good ol' Indiana to an apple orchard. It was soo fun!

We got a bag and walked through all the different brands of apples. I had no idea all the different brands grow from one orchard-I am still trying to figure out what makes the difference.
We went through their pumpkin patch which is really just a bunch of pumpkins thrown out in this field....I guess a pumpkin patch AND an apple orchard is a little much to ask for.
We went on a free tractor ride too!
At the very end we had to get a treat of course! We got a pumpkin donut and an apple spice donut. They were soo good! Oh and an apple cherry cider slush! It was such a great Fall day.

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  1. You guys are so stinkin cute! and im so jealous you get to dress cozy and go apple picking!!! Ava would LOVE that! we are still in the mid 90's-100's out here in AZ....NO cozy fall weather for us!!!! =) LOVE seeing all your MIDWEST adventures!