Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tour de home

We finally got a table! I can definitely say with the exception of our mattress and our couch-we have gotten everything from Craigslist, KSL or hand me downs. Got to love it! Mike and I just calculated it and I think we have spent about 100 bucks on furniture for our apartment. We have become great dumpster divers :)
Anyway, well here is what our apartment looks like for those that have not gotten the skype tour. It is decorated a lot like our old apartment but oh well...enjoy.

This is our cute bathroom that took 2 shower curtains to cover the shower. I love the yellow and blue and green....bright colors never get old to me.

We have painted a dresser black for a tv stand-it looks fantastic and used an old show rack as a place to hold the DVR, DVDs and DVD player. We also found a great place to hang the picture of Poland Mike's grandma made.

Here is the new table we bought for 60 bucks with the chairs. Then we got a mirror, chairs and our cute little bookcase. For the lack of better decor, I used my orange scarf from Poland as a runner. Really, I just wanted you to see our cool windows...Probably should have opened them for the picture.

This is the bullentein board Summer got us, with the K that Kelsey got us. They look so cute together. :)

Well anyway-come see it for yourself! It looks a lot better in real life!

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  1. i wish i could see it in real life!!!! Looks so homey though, isnt it so fun to decorate our own little homes?! loving my K in your kitchen! =)