Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let Fall Begin....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Summer time! It is hands down my favorite time of the year. I feel like I was slightly striped of my Summer with having surgery and then moving. It is quickly turning cold here and although I am not looking forward to a winter wonderland, I have decided to try to embrace the Fall and all that goes with it.
And what helps get you in the Fall spirit than decorations??
Above are some cups that I have wrapped with some random cloth I had and safety pinned together.

This is the Halloween runner with some jars that are painted orange from a relief society lesson years ago. There are silhouettes of rats and cats all over our house now too. They are pretty gross but I kind of like them .
This candle now has blood dripping down it. I took a red candle and dripped it down. It looks better in person
Here are the pumpkin path cupcakes. With my cake decorating tools, I made vines come from the pumpkin cupcake. It looked so dang cute!
Next thing I want to make is a black rose wreath with a bright orange ribbon to hang it from. You may think I am really creative, but all of these ideas are things I have stolen and filed away for years :)

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