Thursday, May 26, 2011


When you have packed all your things up, turned off the lights and are leaving the keys to your very first classroom you can't help but have all the memories float through your mind one by one. I cannot even believe this year is over. I leave knowing there is a good chance I will not see these kids ever again, but I will never forget them and I really hope they will not forget their Kindergarten teacher either.
They were there my very first day in my very own classroom, they were part of my engagement and part of my wedding open house. They were my guinea pigs. They have been a part of some of my best lessons and some of my worst and they have made me frustrated but most of the time, so happy. I love these kids so much! They mean the world to me. I have loved going to their soccer games and dance performances. I have loved all of the stories they have to tell the minute they walk in. I have loved reading their writing and watching them learn and grow. I can't wait to see who they become in the following years. I have no doubt I was teaching amazing kids that will become amazing leaders. I have been much too spoiled with such great kids.

Now, I will wipe away some tears and tell you some of my favorite things about these Kids. I loved how every morning they would make this huge snake across the room and then measure me next to it and see how many "Miss Thacker's" it was.
I loved hearing "Book of Mormon Stories" sung by one child as slowly the rest of the class joins in with hand actions.
I loved hearing that money was used for tithing or that the temple was clearly on the penny or hear them call a pie chart a potty chart.
I loved that my name went from Teacher to Miss Faker to Mrs. Cool.
I loved hearing that Linoln was Jesus just because he had a beard or when asked, "Where do apples come from?" A child immediately raises his hand and says, "Jesus!"
It was too funny to turn off some Hannah Montana music and hear one boy say, "Umm...Miss Thacker, I was dancing to that!"
Here are a few more favorite moments that come to mind:
Student:"Miss Thacker, is your boyfriend hunky?" me:"Hunky? What does that mean?" Student: "Is he handsome Miss Thacker?!"
me: Can you bring it on Monday?" Student with a duh look, "I can't, Monday is Saturday!"
and last but not least. When we were talking about animals:
Student: "If I were an animal, I would be a skunk. My toots stink!!"
Oh how I will miss them!

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