Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our place is evolving

Here is the picture of Poland from Mike's grandma. It looks fantastic and would look even better if I were in it...but I am not complaining :)It is a perfect place for my piano and guitar. I am so talented aren't I?
We found these paintings at Kohles for 60% off! They fit perfectly and added some cute color! Mike also put the bookshelf together...what a manly sweetheart.
Here is our bathroom. I love the K and the lemons oh! and the vase that I got from the DI for $1. I love the finds in there. Above the toilet is a picture of Warsaw, Poland. It's a little too small for my taste but it will do for now. :)
Here are the towels with the picture that I found for 10 bucks! It matched perfectly and I was thrilled! I wanted the bathroom to be it's own color scheme and I am really pleased with how well it worked out. We have a matching blue rug and yellow towels to go with it that are in the washing machine.

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