Sunday, April 3, 2011

University of Chicago

It has been really difficult to make a decision where to move next year. One day it's New York, the next day it's Boston, then we are deferring for a year and's Chicago.
Financially, this place is definitely the best decision. The school has offered Michael the best scholarship and living expenses in general are significantly cheaper than New York and Boston. Chicago has the biggest Polish community in America which means good opportunities for Mike to work and for us to serve and do missionary work in general with our Polish. University of Chicago has the #3 program for Social Work which is tied with Columbia. I have heard amazing things about the city and it is also so close to church history sites which I am obsessed with.
On the downside, Oprah is no longer there and it is 12 hours away from New York and even farther from Boston which we really wanted to go visit since we were already practically there. But I guess there is always summertime. Oh and that snow storm this past winter better not happen again!

The campus looks beautiful and we have heard great things about their program.

Honestly, seeing all these words just makes me so happy! I just hope I can remember what they say by the time we go!

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