Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our place

So this is what we woke up to the other day-SNOW!! It is ridiculous and I am so ready for the warmth especially after Mexico!! We took the frames from the wedding and hung them up. I am so excited to fill more of these with pictures of the wedding! It is weird to see pictures of Mike and I are everywhere in our house! But who else are we supposed to put up?

Here is our new mirror. I love it! And this picture does NOT do it justice. It looks fantastic there

So we have been up late every night decorating and shopping and figuring things out. Our place is pretty tiny so we have had to get pretty creative when it comes to storage. Here is a shoe rack we are using to put our dishes on to save cupboard space. We loved all of our presants we are just having the hardest time fitting them!

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  1. LOVE, your place is looking so cute! Oh the joys of tiny apartments! I finally was able to pull out a bunch of unused wedding gifts when we moved into the house! 5 years later....better late than never! =) have fun getting settled in and making your place your home! luv ya lady!