Thursday, March 31, 2011

What you learn....

So Mike has moved all his stuff into our new place. We are slowly getting it organized and awaiting the bed (for which we found for an amazing deal!). I have been taking a suitcase over everyday to minimize the actual move. It has been really fun setting up house and all. But it is funny what you learn about yourself and about the other person...and I am sure the discoveries have just begun.
For instance...
1. All I own are chickflicks....I am personally okay with that, but considering Mike only owns "The best of the NFL", I figure I may need to expand our collections for both our sakes.
2. My obsession with pink may have gone a little too far back in the day. I have spatulas, an ice cream scooper, trash can, rug, apron....all pink! Loved it at the time and now I am thinking..."A man doesn't want to sleep with a pink duvet! Why didn't I get a simple color like green!"
3. Wow we carry a lot of stuff from one place to the next. My rule used to be, "If I haven't used it in the past year, it belongs to someone wondering the DI." I feel like my tune has changed since teaching Kindergarten. It is now, "Hmm...I forgot I had this! This would make an amazing art project or reward for one of my kids!" And back to its spot it goes.
4. Mike owns more toiletries than I do. All I need is a tooth brush, facewash and something to do my hair in the morning and I am done. Mike has got this whole secret drawer business under the sink which, although I am intrigued by, I refuse to look into it until after we are married.

9 days by the way!

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  1. Oh the things we learn.....funmy girl!